25% Off Passes & Plus - November 2022 Sale!

25% Off Passes & Plus - November 2022 Sale!

Hi FB Family!

We're excited to announce that now through a limited time, FB Plus Passes and Subscriptions are on sale for 25% off! 

With FB Plus, you get access to all our exclusive FB Plus content:

  • 35 workout Programs and Challenges to help you stay motivated and overcome fitness plateaus — including our brand-new 4-week FB Strong Round 3 program launching in January!
  • Our FULL library of workouts, including over 330 exclusive workouts (including exclusive pregnancy workouts, mobility routines, workouts with our newest team members, and more)
  • Wellness content including 50 guided meditations, our Stress Redux mental wellness program, and our entire library of articles written by psychologists and other experts
  • Customizable meal plans created by registered dietitians and recipe developers
  • Personalized workout statistics and other features to help you stay on track and maximize your fitness progress over time

With this sale, our yearly subscription is still the cheapest way for you to enjoy FB Plus year-round, but if you're looking for less commitment, our access Passes come in a range of options from 1-Day to 90-Days. As of our recent update, Passes no longer start as soon as you purchase them and instead can be activated at any time after purchase from your FB Wallet; you can also purchase multiple Passes at a time and gift Passes to others!

Please Note: This discount is available to anyone who does not currently have an FB Plus Subscription (don't worry — if you're already a member, we have some fun things in store for you very soon!). 

This sale is only available for a limited time, so enjoy it while it lasts!