Day 5 of the 5 Day Challenge

Hello FB Family,

How are you feeling after this first week of 2023? It has been a whirlwind over here for us, but we're really grateful that we've stayed on top of our workouts all week. A workout might initially feel like an extra thing on the to-do list, but it also ends up making the entire to-do list feel easier to get through!

I just finished Day 5 of the new free 5 Day Challenge, a strength workout with Amanda. It was a great lower body strength workout and I loved the core finisher at the end. Daniel will be right behind me - we've only had access to one set of dumbbells for the past couple days and had to break our sessions up! Looking forward to yoga with Marina tomorrow.

What I have loved about this challenge is that it has pushed me, but not overworked me. I've been sore after each workout, but had enough time for my muscles to heal in between each - right about the time I started feeling no soreness, that muscle group was on the schedule again as the main focus.

I also liked that my routine tends to be much better balanced when I'm following a predetermined program. Is anyone else guilty of sticking to the training types that they feel strong/proficient at? Committing to a preplanned program helps me venture outside of my comfort zones, which ultimately can lead to learning and growth in new areas (always a good thing).

Now I'm trying to decide if I should jump into Strong Round 3 next week. I know that I've got some filming lined up for myself, as well as a special project I'm working on. But I don't want to lose this consistency. I think I'll add it to my calendar with the hopes of completing it in 6-7 weeks, allowing some time for me to film new workouts. As long as I'm moving in smart ways, most days (honoring that goal of consistency and gained strength), I'll be satisfied.

What's your plan? Have you tried the 5 Day challenge? Have you enjoyed it so far? Have you started the new 4 week Strong program? Are you making up your own routine?

Tomorrow the 7th day of the challenge launches - it's a rest day meditation with Haley and it's fantastic.

I hope that your week was a good one, and that you have a restful weekend ahead with lots of opportunities for joy.

Thanks for reading my ramble and for cheering me on as I made my way through the challenge!