Just sharing

Hey everyone,

Never posted something before but wanted to share my story.

Not looking for (medical) advice or anything, but just venting a bit. :)

Due to physical issues (pain) I've been struggling with for years, I can't work right now. I've been at home for half a year now. Since about 2 months, there seems to be improvent and I have hope for the first time in many years that I can get better.

I'm bored out of my mind though... And with a history of eating disorder, sitting home alone, bored, is not great. Sometimes it feels like eating is the only thing I actually can so. I've not been able to work out consistently and sometimes, I cannot even walk without pain. So taking a walk to distract myself is not always an option.

So basically all I do is watch Netflix, listen to audiobooks and podcasts sometimes. But I'm very easily bored I'f my brain is not stimulated, which is one of the reasons I like my job so much. If my arm/hand will allow it, I'll do some crossword puzzles or something.

I used to read for hours and hours, but do to issues with my vision, that is not possible right now.

My husband works from home three days a week, which makes me less alone but he still has to work of course, so I cannot bother him all day :-P

I've wanted to do more mindfulness like meditating, but I haven't been able to sit or lie without nerve pain, so it only frustrated me more.

I gained a bit more weight, not much though, and I think it's quite understandable, but I always want to loose weight, and not being able to work out or sometimes even move is very frustrating. I wanted to eat healthier this week, not snack so much, but I am sad and bored so often, I'll eat. And than I'm even more sad of course...

Anyways, at the moment, there is very little I can do, which makes me very sad and bored.

Just wanted to share. Hope you guys are doing well. Still love FitnessBlender, even though there's not much fitness for me these days ;-)