My Workout & My Day

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone depending on where you live at in the world and it's finally Friday which I'm so looking forward to the weekend because I'm planning on getting my toenails done again. Plus if everything works out I will also be seeing Ashton this weekend too but that I don't want to rush on and I will have to wait on that to let all of you know about later on down the road. Moving on to workouts, I had a HIIT Cardio and Butt and Thigh workout with Kellie and my lower body was feeling it about halfway through the workout, and my legs were even shaking a little on some of the exercises toward the end of the actual hard work.

But now my legs are going to be getting even more of a workout today because we are going to be cleaning house this morning and I'm going to be on my legs cleaning house today. I don't know if my mom is going to be mopping the floor or not but I think since she did it the last time I was here she is probably going to just vaccum the floor. If she does mop the floor then I will be staying in the living room out of the way while she is mopping the floor or doing other things for here while she's doing that.

Because we tend to get a lot of things done around the house on Friday's and we tend to get done with cleaning the house around 11 a.m. I think it's different every time. But we usually get done with cleaning the house around that time on a normal day of cleaning the house depending on how much we have to clean up around the house after 7 days of me being here.