FB 3-Day: 3 Workouts Per Week for 2 Weeks
FB Plus

Challenge Details

  • Length: 2 Weeks
  • Avg. Duration: 44 Minutes (40-46)
  • Days per Week: 3 + 1 Optional
  • Difficulty: 3-4
  • Body Focus: Total Body
  • Equipment: Dumbbell, Mat
  • Training Type: Strength Training

FB 3-Day: 3 Workouts Per Week for 2 Weeks


FB 3-Day is a 2-week workout challenge designed for people who only want three (required) workout days per week. Whether you're too busy for more than three workouts per week, or you like to supplement other types of fitness (walking, swimming, etc.) with at-home workout videos, this challenge is intended to help support a well-rounded fitness routine that suits your desired schedule and pace. Expect a mix weight lifting and HIIT (high intensity interval training) that will test your endurance, cardiovascular health, and strength. 

The format

The format for this challenge varies week to week. Week 1 includes three intense total body workouts with optional active recovery workouts and mobility work between. Week 2 includes three intense workouts split up by body focus — lower body strength, upper body strength, and core/HIIT — with optional recovery workouts and mobility work between. Once you've completed the challenge, we'd love to know which week/format you prefer, for future programs of longer duration that might use this same format! 

Methodology and difficulty

This workout challenge includes a blend of strength training and HIIT — sometimes in the same workout — with a Level 3 to Level 4 difficulty. Optional active recovery routines fall between the more intense workouts and include yoga and mobility work to soothe and stretch sore muscles. The average time commitment for the required workouts is about 45 minutes. Your main workouts are intense, but since there are only three per week, you can focus on maximizing your effort before enjoying some active recovery-style movement the following day. 

Equipment needed 

While all the workouts in this challenge can be done with bodyweight only, we recommend having a pair of dumbbells (especially for the multiple strength training workouts included). We also recommend an optional mat. 

Your trainers
The FB 3-Day Challenge features exclusive FB Plus videos from TashaKelliDanielKaylaAmandaNicole, and Marina. This challenge was built by Kelli.